This is a Foal name Angle.  
She is 4 months old and weaned from her mother.  
She is for Sale.


This is our one month old little foal jack named Joseph.


Introducing Queen Sheba
Please meet the newest member of the Tennessee Tiny Tots Donkey Farm!  Her name is Queen Sheba.  She is 2 months old.  Born 8-1-15. Mother is Dancer  and Father is David.   Queen Sheba is for sale, please contact us for special pricing.   


Donkeys for Sale

Our entire herd of Registered Miniature Donkeys is for sale.  Our motives are health, age, and priorities.  We have had a home in Florida for seven years and plan on retiring there.  

The herd for sale includes 14 Jennets and 8 Jacks.  The Jennets include brood-mares we never thought to sell as well as very athletic Jacks with excellent bloodlines. Many of our animals are descended from champions and stock from out west (Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.) A dominant color is black but includes some brown.  

Interested iniquities only.  
Contract us at 615-699-3334 or 615-438-7283 or 321-453 -4843.

Thank you, Barbara & Phil Hord

Special Prices Available on Our Entire Herd!



Welcome to Tennessee Tiny Tots Miniature Donkey Farm.

Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.

See photos from our farm!

Our little Piece of Heaven! Our little piece of Heaven is located in a picturesque, peaceful, rural landscape setting of our home and farm in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

My husband and I retired a few years ago. We had a business that ran out of our home, and we had warehouses in Texas and Florida. While in Dallas, we attended the Texas State Fair. There was a Miniature Donkey Auction going on. We were amazed how cute these little animals were. We talked to several people about the donkeys and visited several Miniatures donkeys Farms. We fell in love with them.

We bought our first donkeys Candle In The Night and Nikki, both from Texas. Then two in Oklahoma. Then our herd started to grow. We own 35 donkeys now, nine of those are beautiful little baby foals.

There were others things my husband and I could have done in our retirement years. But, we get so much pleasure, joy, and satisfaction out of our little miniature donkeys. They are like family.

--Barbara and Phillip Hord



Tour Visitors

Recently Friends and Family Tours came to The Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs for lunch.  After lunch, the tour members came over to visit our little donkeys!  Below are a few photos.


This picture is Abraham and Solomon visiting the First Baptist Church Vacation Bible School.



Registered Miniature Donkeys

Our Goal is: To produce healthy, happy Donkeys with outstanding disposition and great confirmation. We are Very proud and take great pride in our Breeding Program. We specialize in dark brown to black miniature Donkeys. We do have some white to white spotted Donkeys. Our donkeys are well behaved and gentle loving animals.